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    The year 2020 has impacted many online businesses. The previous year changed the dynamics of customer behavior in the market. The year witnessed constant fluctuations in demand for goods and services by customers which created havoc in the market. Marketers still juggle meeting the changing needs and interests of their customers and find it difficult to retain them. To keep up with the altering needs of customers, analyzing market trends and customers’ behavior is crucial. Digital marketers use comprehensive approaches and strategies to enhance your company’s scope of expansion. Therefore, knowing the attitude of your target audience is important.

    To meet the purpose, digital marketers use google analytics to conduct comprehensive market research. Google constantly alters and makes regular updates to its tools to bring efficiency and accuracy to work. A recent update in Google Analytics has been a game-changer for digital marketers. The addition of four new features can significantly improve your marketing decisions and get a better return on investment. So, here are the four key features updates in the “new” Google Analytics:

    • Smarter insights that use machine learning to identify trends.
    • Deeper integration with Google Ads.
    • Customer-centric data measurement.
    • More granular data controls.

    Further, A study shows that nowadays, marketers find it difficult to get a complete view of customers and gather useful insights from their data. The new Google Analytics update addresses the same problem by providing marketers with the data they need to improve ROI and make long-term goals. Moreover, it has machine learning at its core that automatically provides valuable insights and gives you an absolute understanding of your customers across devices and platforms.

    Here is some detailed information about every feature:

    Smart insights through machine learning

    Google Analytics with the help of the machine learning model can effectively and efficiently inform and alter marketers to the new data trends. Thus, allowing marketers to become proactive and be two-step ahead of their customers by predicting their actions. Google Analytics can use website data to identify products rising in demand because of new customer needs. It can significantly help marketers to retain their customers at the time their budget is under pressure.

    Strong integration with google ads

    With the integration of google analytics with google ads, one tends to create a custom-based audience that can reach your customers with a more relevant experience. They do it when they choose to serve your website or business online. Thus, Google Analytics can measure communication across the web and apps and reports on conversions from YouTube video views, Google and non-Google paid channels, Google Search, social media, and email.

    Avoid fraud ads

    Further, Google analytics has gone through multiple transformations from measurement based on a device or platform to consumer-centric measurements. Moreover, with its current update, google analytics brings relief to many marketers as it brings a clear view as to how consumers interact with the business. Also, The customer-centric measurement practices multiple identity spaces and unique Google signals from users who opted into ad personalization. Based on the feedback, it reorganizes and simplifies reporting so that marketing insights based on the customer journey could be identified. Therefore, this facilitates you to see which channels drive new customers in the user acquisition report, then you can use the engagement and retention reports to understand customers’ actions, and whether they stick around, after converting.

    Facilitates good data control

    Google Analytics offers data controls that marketers can use to manage to collect and retain data. Moreover, this also specifies how marketers can use data for advertising and when they use customer data to optimize ads. and limit data only for measurement. With this flexible approach to measurement, Google Analytics somehow can help you measure your marketing results and meet customer needs. Thus, It can navigate the recovery and as you face uncertainty in the future. 

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