How to Build Your Brand With Social Media Contests

    With the changing scenarios, businesses are trying to gain a competitive edge in the market. Having a good web presence can help you to enhance your company’s engagement with your target audience. Using diverse social media platforms you can help your business extend its reach online through strategic planning. Thus, continuously facilitating ideas and tactics can help you captivate the mind of your target audience on your brand page with such social media contests.

    Do you want to boost your engagement with your target audience, grow your followers, and expand traffic on your social media page?

    To improve engagement on social media accounts, one should use a combination of strategies to generate traffic. Running contests on social media platforms is an amazing way for the brand to form strong, loyal, and engaging followers on a long-term basis. This can also help your brand to generate leads and turn them into sales. Many people join social media platforms and follow pages in a hope of winning contests and avail of prizes. To run a social media contest, you need to have an effective strategy that can generate leads and engagement. So there are some strategies you can jump to to turn your social media contest into a hit:

    1. Ascertain the purpose of your contest

    Firstly, to promote your products and services or to gain engagement on social media accounts. It is important to run a contest with a purpose to it. There are a lot of things that a brand should keep in mind while hosting a contest. Here are some goals that a company should strive to achieve through its social media accounts –

    • Boost website traffic.
    • Build social media presence.
    • Increasing brand or product engagement.
    • Improve brand reputation.
    • Build your Email list.
    • Transform followers into leads and sales.
    • Want to increase followers?

    Thus, following a strong strategy and an effective contest plan can help your company to achieve these goals shortly.

    2. Know your target audience 

    Secondly, to keep up with these constantly evolving trends on social media, it is now crucial to understand the altering needs of your target audience. Nowadays, customers and other extended audiences want to equate with brands that offer something valuable yet practical. Thus, it is important to segregate your target audience based on their wants and interests. This type of bifurcation will help you produce the desired content over the internet. So when you get clear about your target audience, it also becomes manageable to keep them engaged.

    3. Choose the right type of Social Media contest and giveaways

    Thirdly, choosing the right type of contest for your followers will help you captivate the mind of your target audience. This is the foremost step for any contest to run successfully. There are a lot of contest campaign ideas such as Video Contests, Vote contests, Photo Contests, etc. One can also go for Giveaways depending on the contest, targeted audience, and budget. Thus, the choice of your giveaway should be something that your audience will love and get motivated to get involved with your brand. Social media contest rewards can be like a free ticket, coupons, gift cards, vouchers, etc. Therefore, it will directly affect your contest, will boost your visibility, and generate engagement.

    4. Create your contest rules and customize hashtags

    Further, more rules for your contest should be precisely mentioned and should be clearly visible to everyone who participates in the contest. Hashtags play a very significant role in running any contest and make them successful. Appearing with a unique hashtag that reflects your brand name and what the contest is all about will extend the reach of the contest to create more traffic and engagement.

    5. To promote your contest

    To promote your contest online on any social media platform, a giveaway promotion activity for free can turn out to be one preferred way. This can help your contest get a wide reach as now a variety of people can participate and promote their contest. Brands can take advantage of these social media contests to retain more and more followers and can generate engagement and traffic to the page. Thus, it is the best way to gain organic likes shares, impressions, and shares.

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