7 powerful ways to convert website traffic into leads.

    More traffic does not usually imply more revenue unless the business strategy is solely reliant on display advertising. Display advertising generates the lowest money per visitor compared to all other revenue sources, and some research estimates that only 27 percent of internet visitors glance at a display ad. Content marketing is the most effective approach to drive convert website traffic into leads. Blogging, social networking, and Email marketing is the most effective way to advertise content. However, in this piece, we will not discuss how to get visitors, but rather how to turn that traffic into leads. here are the 7 Powerful ways to convert website traffic into leads.

    Landing Page helps to increase the website traffic

    One of the most successful ways to convert a visitor into a lead is to use landing pages. Many website content pages are designed to deliver information, whereas landing page designs are to collect contact information. When very effective landing pages are combined with tailored traffic, conversion rates can reach 50-60%, and in some cases even higher.

    Notification Bar

    Notification bars are full-width banners that appear at the top of websites. Internet users have been “taught” to pay attention to notification bars. Since browsers typically display warning messages in the notification bar, such as a missing plugin or a prohibited popup. Therefore, such bars remain at the top of everything, and you can adjust to remain at the top. It’s a great attention-getter.

    Unblockable Popup Forms                        

    Unblockable pop-ups are one of the most effective methods for converting online traffic into leads. Based on the success of your offer, anything from 2% to 10% of your daily blog visitors is likely to convert into leads.

    Opt-in Forms in Sidebars and below posts

    Opt-in forms work well in the sidebar of any blog and the area below the posts. When people do not take interest in the content, they pay attention to the sidebars, and there’s a good possibility they’ll sign up for a related offer. Also, after individuals finish reading blog postings, they are frequently stumped. If you don’t have anything interesting to say, they’ll depart.

    Welcome Redirects                                        

    It’s feasible to send your blog’s first-time visitors to a landing page where they’ll be invited to opt-in in exchange for something useful, such as a free e-book or a newsletter. New visitors will be sent to your home page by such plugins while returning visitors will only view your home page. has therefore used the welcome redirect to convert first-time visitors into leads, as shown in the graphic below.

    Opt-In Forms Inside Videos                                     

    With the popularity of web videos, a new breed of opt-in forms has become popular with digital marketers. They are opt-in forms inside videos. The following screenshot shows a video with an opt-in form that pops up during the video and lets the internet user continue watching the video after an opt-in. You can also make it mandatory to opt-in by disabling the skip this step option. The form can be configured to appear at the beginning of the end of the video.

    Headers Forms                    

    You can place an opt-in box in the header area – the most valuable piece of real estate on any website. Studio Press has a theme called Generate which has a header opt-in form built into it. You can also develop a custom theme if you have the resources and also split test it to improve its conversions. I have looked around and there is no WordPress plugin that can make header opt-in boxes, yet. But maybe someone reading this post will get the idea and develop something which will help guys like you and me.


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