A Guide To Social Media Algorithms & How They Work

    Why do so many marketers keep asking, “How do social media algorithms work?                                  

    Social media algorithms– However, SimilarWeb’s above data only applies to desktop and mobile web channels. YouTube’s search and recognition systems address this challenge by paying close attention to:

    • what viewers see. 
    • what they don’t see or watch. 
    • How much time do they spend watching or scrolling? 
    • What do they share like/ follow and unfollow?

    Social Media Algorithms

    How does the Facebook algorithm work today?

    The Facebook algorithm is a system where, after checking some guidelines, the platform decides that it needs to show certain content in your followers’ news feeds. 

    As the Facebook portal reveals, “This resource determines which posts appear in your news section and in what order by predicting what you’re most likely to be interested in or interact with. And that requires a trained system that distinguishes what a given person likes and doesn’t like in order to offer the best quality content. 

    Well, has the Facebook algorithm always been what it is today? Let’s look at the development and origins of this system. 

    The Facebook algorithm is also called EdgeRank. Its function is based on creating a chain effect that increases a publication’s visibility as soon as it is uploaded to the platform. That means as soon as we post, Facebook’s EdgeRank quickly calculates the number of your followers in whose News Feed your post will appear. 

    This is called the initial area, which, as you may have noticed, only appears to a few people, if not almost everyone. However, if within the initial reach of your post, users react, share, or comment, the Facebook algorithm interprets that your post is relevant and deserves to be shown to more people. 

    While it sounds super handy, growing good organic engagement is a silly job, especially when you’re just starting out. Therefore, we emphasize the importance of creating a small budget to pay for advertising on the platform through Facebook ads.

    • (168.1 million viewers). 
    • (118.4 million). 
    • ($112.4 million). 

    Social Media Algorithms

    How does the Instagram algorithm work?

    In 2021, amid a health emergency, Instagram issued a public statement to clarify how its platform works. At that time, the social network belonging to the meta group explained that it has three algorithms and divides the application into three basic sections. 

    For example, without going further, in its early days the social network showed the publications of the different users in a linear way and you could only see those that were “reached” by scrolling the screen. This meant that netizens were often left with things without seeing or interacting with those who really could and were interested, and that’s where he started applying his algorithm. 

    With the current ones, the social network takes the information and processes it to show people more publications to interact with or be interested in. The big problem in this case is that the algorithm is variable as the company is constantly changing depending on how the competition evolves and the needs of the users. But always with the same goal behind it, namely to finally meet the various Internet users.

    How does the Instagram algorithm work today?

    Nowadays the biggest streaming platforms work thanks to the recommendations, whether musical or not, that they make us almost individual. 

    Above all, YouTube is one of those that hit the nail on the head along with Spotify, which can really please us. There are thousands and millions of videos uploaded to YouTube every day, yet the life cycle of some is extremely short. 

    Others, on the other hand, manage to jump from one viewer to another until they even go viral. This success is largely due to an algorithm based on artificial intelligence, capable of successfully recommending videos or songs that we might like. 

    Creators are excited to crack the code of YouTube’s recommendation engine, and if one thing is clear, it’s that investing in short-form videos is a concrete way to increase your content’s visibility right now.


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